You want to drive real change into the heart of the communities you work for, but can’t find the partners who share your values.

Too many well intended strategies for renewal and regeneration fail to go beyond the drawing board. The UK development sector and house building community is held back by greed, a lack of passion and empathy for the end users and an inability to properly collaborate.

Place Capital Group are developers and advisors that create genuine platforms for collaboration, with end user experience at the heart of the development plan.

You want to focus on the long term but can’t see how to exit this crisis...

Planning for transformation has never been more important for landowners and landlords. Fulfilling your environmental ambitions, creating value for your stakeholders and rethinking your asset management approach are critical strategic priorities right now,but knowing where and how to start, against a backdrop of ever changing uncertainty feels impossible.

Place Capital Group are developers and advisors that can unlock potential where others see only failure, creating a clarity of focus and the confidence to start.


We are a new kind of real estate business. We deliver transformation where others see only failure; we build resilience where others see only fragility; we stand tall based on principles of honesty and trust...

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