Place Capital Group is a new kind of real estate business. We aim to deliver exceptional projects, known for their design quality and citizen centred model.  We work in areas that most people overlook.  

We challenge the notion “it won’t work here”. Innovation and challenge sits at the heart of any successful development plan. Being open to new ideas and firm believers that there is always a better way, a more creative alternative is a core feature of our thinking.

We are citizen centred in all that we do.  Projects are conceived and delivered with a sharp focus on the end user as the most important stakeholder.  Community and social impacts are at the core of our KPIs.

We are creative in our approach to blend robust and measurable social impact with solid financial return.

Ways of working

Place Capital Group are advisers and developers.  We seek out collaboration opportunities where land and asset owners need help to articulate a vision for what are often long held problem assets, where obstacles to development success appear stubborn and where financial innovation is key.

Through its Group Members, Place Capital Group can advise clients on the steps to unlock complex regeneration projects from concept to full appraisal.

Place Capital Group can acquire, finance and deliver complex, mixed use renewal and development projects.

We are firm believers that ownership and diversity sits at the core of any sustainable development plan. So, whilst we support mixed use projects, we avoid those that are tenure imbalanced, such as large PRS only schemes.  

Corporate model

Through its buy and build model Place Capital Group supports the entrepreneurial businesses it acquires by retaining what makes them special whilst providing a clear pathway to growth.

The Group structure provides acquired entities with a platform of strength and resilience, integrating only where it makes sense. Our scale and reputation helps our brands identify and win work in new sectors and markets.

Our growth has been made possible by strength of vision, financial capacity and uniquely innovating in our core markets.