Project Overview

Shadsworth, Blackburn
Group Deployment
Place Capital Development
Together Housing Group
Overarching Development Agreement to regenerate 850 unit housing estate. New homes, targeted demolition and rebuild. Public realm. New park and community centre.
Planned new homes
Retrofit homes
This 1950’s cottage suburb styled estate suffered from reputational stigma, poor quality urban management and a deteriorating housing stock. But demand for good quality affordable housing in the area is high. We are radically remodelling this neighbourhood to create much needed additional homes, whilst refurbishing existing ones.
The new homes will set within a newly landscaped public park, have access to new community infrastructure and benefit from reinstated hedgerows. These design led interventions will encourage pride and community.
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“We want the estate to feel safe, and a place where neighbours talk to each other, where we can meet for a cup of tea and the kids can play safely.” – Shadsworth Resident.

We are driven to make better places for people, not a bigger balance sheet for the developer.

Estates like Shadsworth were built by architects that had strong, utopian visions to house balanced and mixed communities. Our development reinstates that level of ambition, in a modern, 21st Century way.
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All images shown are for illustrative purposes only and are intended to be indicative of the design standards, quality and specification to be achieved in the final plan

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