Project Overview

Group Deployment
Loop Systems
Lancaster City Council
Estate wide masterplan, public realm and placeshaping regeneration of existing homes and delivery of new homes to create 447 affordable homes.
Planned new homes
Retrofit homes
Situated on the banks of the River Lune in this historic University City, we are regenerating the Mainway estate to create beautiful new affordable homes that are fit for the future.
Existing, non-traditionally built homes are being radically retrofitted to create stylish, modern and zero carbon homes. These will be situated adjacent to over 200 new affordable homes. The community will be set within beautifully landscaped open space, bound with good quality public realm and new community infrastructure.
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From the beginning residents have wanted somewhere to come home to that they can be proud of, somewhere to call home, that is visibly cared for, affordable and inexpensive to live in and keep warm.
“It’s full of family life… it just needs to be made more safe for the kids.”
Mainway Resident
“I’ve been here since 1987… I've loved it ever since, and I don’t want to move if I can help it…”
Mainway Resident

We work in places where we know we can make a positive impact, in partnership with people who share our values and ambition.

The development responds to our masterplan which was developed to retain and enhance as much of the existing built environment as possible, retrofitting taking preference over unsustainable demolition.
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All images shown are for illustrative purposes only and are intended to be indicative of the design standards, quality and specification to be achieved in the final plan
Existing buildings are being transformed and new ones created to create a future proof model for affordable housing in this historic city.

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